Nerf Guns VS. Drones - February 16th 2019

Can you shoot a drone out of mid air?


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5 zones – An intro to flying drones, and shooting drones out of the air with a NERF GUN!

Come Compete and Connect!

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What we will be doing - Aerial Assault "Rules"

Zone 1: flight intro – learn how to fly and navigate around and through some simple
Zone 2: an intro to FPV (first person view) – fly through a simple course using video feed
for your vision (site).
Zone 3: Nerf target practice – get used to your Nerf Gun shooting some fun cardboard

Competition Zones 4 & 5

Zone 4: Nerf Guns – goal is to shoot drones out of the sky (every drone down is points to
the team)
Zone 5: Drone Race – pilots will race drones around a simple course while being shot at
from Nerf guns (every lap is points to the team)
We add your cumulative points from Drones and Nerf Competition to compete against
all other participating teams during your session.

Winners Receive Awards and Competition Trophies

The When, Where, and How...

February 16th, 2019
40 participants per session
First session starts at 11:00am
Location: Depoali Middle School
9300 Wilbur May Pkwy

10 x Teams of 4 per session (40 people)

Bring a team to compete, or sign up individually and be placed on a team.

$50 per person
$200 per team

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rwa nerf drone v2

Single Event $50 Registration Nerf - Drones